Privacy Policy

The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise (Kelowna Sunrise) is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of this website (the “Site”) in accordance with British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (BCPIPA) and other applicable legislation. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes the information that The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise website ( collects from or about users of the Site, how it is used and protected, and to whom it is disclosed. From time to time, The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise may update its policies and procedures, including this one. Users should review this Policy each time that they visit the Site.

Personal Information

“Personal information” means recorded information about an identifiable individual, including home and personal email address. Personal information does not include contact information which enables an individual at a place of business to be contacted, such as the individual’s name, position name, title, business telephone number, business email or business fax number.

Collection and Retention of Information

Kelowna Sunrise only collects personal information when it is voluntarily submitted by users of the Site. Users may choose not to provide certain personal information when it is requested, although that may impair the ability of the user to use the Site and/or of Kelowna Sunrise to address a user’s needs or requests.

Users may visit the Site without telling Kelowna Sunrise who they are, or revealing any information about themselves. However, like many organizations’ websites, our web server automatically collects certain non-identifying information related to the user’s visit to the Site, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the user’s computer, the IP address of the user’s Internet Service Provider, the type and version of the browser that the user is using, the date and time the user accessed the Site, the Internet address of the website from which the user linked directly to our Site, the operating system that the user is using, and the pages of the Site that the user has visited. Kelowna Sunrise makes no attempt to link this information with the identity of individuals visiting the Site. It may, however, review server logs and anonymous traffic statistics for security purposes, for example to detect intrusions and to monitor the aggregate viewership of the pages. The possibility therefore exists that server log data, which contains users’ IP addresses, could in instances of criminal malfeasance be used to trace and identify individuals. In such instances, raw data logs would be shared with appropriate investigative bodies authorized to investigate such security breaches.

Kelowna Sunrise retains information in accordance with its various records retention schedules, and will generally retain personal information for only as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) for which it was collected. However, personal information that is used by or on behalf of Kelowna Sunrise to make a decision that directly affects an individual user will be retained for at least one year after it is used, so that the user has a reasonable opportunity to obtain access to his or her personal information. When destroying personal information, Kelowna Sunrise deletes electronically stored personal information. While Kelowna Sunrise will endeavour to destroy all copies of personal information, deleted information may continue to exist on back-up media although it will not be used unless permitted by law.

Purpose – Why Information is Collected, Used and Disclosed

Personal information that Kelowna Sunrise collects is used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was collected, or for a use consistent for that purpose, unless the user consents to another purpose or if another purpose is authorized under the BCPIPA or other applicable law. Purposes for which the Kelowna Sunrise may collect and use personal information include:

● to provide the user with information and promotional materials regarding Kelowna Sunrise;

● to establish, maintain and manage relations with a user relating to Kelowna Sunrise’s programs, activities and services;

● to plan and evaluate Kelowna Sunrise’s programs and activities;

● to operate and administer the Site, and Kelowna Sunrise’s other services;

● to obtain feedback regarding Kelowna Sunrise’s programs and services;

● to create a record of the user’s involvement with Kelowna Sunrise;

● to protect Kelowna Sunrise against error, fraud, theft or damage to its assets;

● to comply with any legal requirements, including reporting requirements, and for law enforcement purposes;

● any other reasonable purpose to which the user provides consent.

If Kelowna Sunrise transfers any personal information to a third party subcontractor for processing, it will use appropriate contractual or other means to ensure compliance with this Policy and all applicable legislation.

Contests and Surveys

Kelowna Sunrise may collect information from users using online surveys. Participation in surveys is entirely voluntary, and users can choose what, if any, information they wish to disclose. The specific information requested and how it will be used will vary, and will be communicated to users prior to or at the time that the information is requested.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Kelowna Sunrise may use cookies, or similar technologies to enhance the efficiency, convenience, and use of the Site. When a user visits the Site, Kelowna Sunrise may place a cookie on the hard drive of the user’s computer to allow us to track and analyze the user’s use of the Site, and to enable the use of certain content management systems. “Cookies” are a technology that installs small data files on a website user’s computer to permit the web server to differentiate users, and to pass information from page to page during a single user’s website session. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but if a user does not wish to have cookies on the user’s system, the user can adjust browser settings to decline them or to alert the user when cookies are being sent. If a user declines cookies the user will still be able to use the Site, but that user’s ability to access certain features of the Site may be affected.

Links to other Websites

The Site may contain optional links to third party Internet sites and services that may collect data from users or their computers. The use of such websites is at the user’s own risk, and Kelowna Sunrise cannot assume responsibility for the privacy practices, policies or actions of the third parties who operate those websites. This Policy applies only to Kelowna Sunrise, and all users are advised to read the privacy policies contained on each Internet site that they visit.


Comments or other feedback provided by a user to Kelowna Sunrise become the property of The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, and Kelowna Sunrise may use and disclose them for any purpose provided that it does not associate them with the user’s personally identifiable information. Kelowna Sunrise will only publicly identify users who consent to being identified in connection with their comments or other feedback.

How Information Is Protected

Kelowna Sunrise maintains reasonable security safeguards to protect personal information in its custody or under its control from loss and unauthorized access, collection, theft, copying, use, alteration, disclosure or disposal, regardless of the format in which the information is held. Kelowna Sunrise maintains its servers and paper files in locked premises, and uses user IDs, passwords, firewalls, anti-virus and other protection against malicious code, as well as appliance-based encryption technology, all in accordance with the highest standards for data protection and security. Access to personal information is restricted to those authorized personnel having a “need to know” and who are bound by confidentiality obligations. When destroying personal information, Kelowna Sunrise deletes electronically stored personal information. While Kelowna Sunrise will endeavour to destroy all copies of personal information, under certain circumstances deleted information may continue to exist on back-up media, but will be protected and will not be used unless permitted by law. The safeguards applied to protect personal information will depend on the sensitivity of the information, with the highest level of protection given to the most sensitive personal information. Personal information in the custody of Kelowna Sunrise or under its control is stored and accessed on servers located outside Canada.

Kelowna Sunrise will continually review and update its security policies and controls as technology evolves. Unfortunately, no security technology can be guaranteed to be failsafe. As a result, while Kelowna Sunrise strives to protect its users’ personal information, it is impossible to fully eliminate security risks associated with personal information. Use of the Site and transmission of any information is at the user’s own risk, and Kelowna Sunrise cannot warrant the security of any information that is transmitted to or from it. Similarly, Kelowna Sunrise cannot guarantee that its hosted email will be secure at all times, nor can it be responsible for the actions of any third parties who might receive such information. As such, users should be very careful about the nature of the information that they provide, and are advised not to provide sensitive personal information through the Site or via subsequent email correspondence with Kelowna Sunrise.

Accuracy / Access

Kelowna Sunrise will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that any personal information in its custody or under its control that will be used to make a decision that directly affects an individual user will be accurate and complete. Users may request access to their personal information, and should advise Kelowna Sunrise immediately if they discover inaccuracies in their personal information or if their personal information changes. All notices and requests should be in writing and sent to the Kelowna Sunrise President using the email service on our website ( When Kelowna Sunrise is contacted by a user, it may ask for further information in order to confirm the identity of the user.

In some circumstances, Kelowna Sunrise may not agree to a user’s request to change personal information for legal or other reasons, but will record that a request to change the information has been made.

Governing Law

Access to and use of the Site, including this Policy, is governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein (excluding conflicts or choice of laws principles).

Questions, Requests and Complaints – Information and Privacy Officer Contact Information

Any user who wishes to access or correct his or her personal information, or who would like to make an inquiry, suggestion or complaint regarding Kelowna Sunrise’s personal information policies and procedures, or to challenge Kelowna Sunrise’s compliance with this Policy, should contact Kelowna Sunrise’s President by email.

Users may request that the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia review any decision, act or failure to act by Kelowna Sunrise relating to a user’s request to access a record or to correct personal information. Any such requests must be delivered to the Information and Privacy Commissioner in writing, in accordance with the BCPIPA.