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Digital calendar ticket numbers have three letters, and winning digital calendar numbers will be listed in this manner, e.g. RT-A-###. Printed calendar ticket numbers have five numbers, and winning numbers will be listed in this manner, e.g. #####. Digital and printed calendars had numbered ticket stubs of equal size and weight entered into the draw barrel.

There were 483 digital calendars (5.7% of sales) and 7,976 printed calendars (94.3% of sales) sold for a grand total of 8,459. The published odds of winning a prize were 1 in 50 based on all 10,000 sold, however actual odds of winning are 1 in 42. Thank you and good luck to all!

2022 Winners

Last NameFirst NameCalendar #Supplier - DonorPrize DescriptionDate of Draw
AdmussenBrenda7371Sharon Sebo DancePUNCH CARDS • $150 EACH Card Includes 10 Tango/Dance Sessions2022-12-17
Ancrum*Brendan3935Okanagan Sun Football4 SEASON TICKETS • $3002022-12-12
AndersenGlenda7193Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-09
AndersonTraceyRT-A-0190Sunbelt Rentals Canada Inc.GIFT CARD PKG*-$2502022-12-05
AndrewsJoni-Beth4016Highway 97 TransmissionGIFT CARD-$3002022-12-14
ArchambaultRyan3632Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-20
BallAnthony4764Galaxie Powder CoatingGIFT CARD-$150 EACH2022-12-16
BalzariniEmilyRT-A-0481Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
BarronNicole2397Michaelbrook GolfGOLF PACKAGE*-$2282022-12-20
BeaulieuChrisRT-A-0341Okanagan ChiropracticGIFT CARD*-$6002022-12-04
BeckerGinny2509Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-18
BenoitGaetan8090Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
BenzMarilyn2401Basil & Mint Restaurant & BarGIFT CARD-$1002022-12-11
BiggsSteven7597Candice Lessoway GalleryPAINTED ACOUSTIC GUITAR*_$4002022-12-22
Bird*Donna6930Okanagan SymphonySYMPHONY TICKETS*-$1302022-12-08
BlackDr. Gord5913Rocky Mtn Chocolate$100 GC FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
Blomquist*Christopher5709The Foster FamilyPRO POPCORN CART • $4002022-12-01
BourgoNatashaRT-A-0056Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-09
BraamFlorence7306Torino Ritz Men's ClothingGIFT CARD-$5002022-12-01
Brandon-KellnerShelley4021COBS BreadBREAD FOR A YEAR*-$2502022-12-13
BruneauChristine9648Crowe MacKay/Kelowna Beer InstituteGIFT CARD -$1502022-12-17
BuchananGage7586The Welton Arms Craft BreweryGIFT PACKAGE • $1502022-12-14
CaruanaKayla2750The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - (Kelowna)GIFT CARDS - $1002022-12-22
ChaillerChantal8057Prestige Hotel & ResortsHOTEL STAY*-$2502022-12-12
ChisDaniel2478Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-09
CoatesBlair4870Gallagher’s Canyon Golf ClubGOLF PKG. FOR 4 & LUNCH* • $7362022-12-12
ColeJim2956Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-01
CollinsKaysie5082Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
CorbettHolly7108Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-24
CotterSara4811The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - (Kelowna)GIFT CARDS - $1252022-12-22
CowieGreg7130Sunbelt Rentals Canada Inc.GIFT CARD PKG*-$2502022-12-05
CowieGreg7131Tourism KelownaMERCHANDISE*-$2002022-12-10
Crawford*Renee3944Lakehouse Home StoreGIFT CARD-$1002022-12-11
Daehn*Kellyane6433Intrigue WinesWINE TASTING PKG-$702022-12-19
DalgarnoTracie4516Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.GIFT CARD - $1002022-12-15
DalzielMatt4386Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-15
DentJohn9560Peak CellarsTASTING EXPERIENCE*-$1402022-12-07
DeorksenCeline8722OKGN Lifestyle ApparelGIFT CARD-$2002022-12-02
DeorksenCeline8719Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-17
DesRochesKelsey5023Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-14
DiamondLin9833Lakehouse Home StoreFAVORITE THINGS PKG* $1,0002022-12-03
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown8805Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-01
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown6702Kelly O'Bryan's (Kelowna)GIFT CARD-$100 EACH2022-12-02
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown4456Anytime Fitness (West Kelowna)12 MTH MEMB.* -$1,1972022-12-03
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown6719Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-03
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown3204Okanagan SymphonySYMPHONY TICKETS*-$1302022-12-08
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown6669D's Suncatchers & ChimesGIFT CARD - $502022-12-08
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown6138Okanagan Club - The QuailGOLF PKG. FOR 4 & LUNCH* • $7402022-12-09
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown6438Rocky Mtn Chocolate$100 GC FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown9745FH&P LawyersWILL PACKAGE*-$8002022-12-11
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown6582Basil & Mint Restaurant & BarGIFT CARD-$1002022-12-11
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown5169COBS BreadBREAD FOR A YEAR*-$2502022-12-13
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown6566Smile Cycle ToursPRIVATE TOUR FOR 15*-$5772022-12-14
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown5738Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.GIFT CARD - $1002022-12-15
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown6564Red Bird BrewingBREWERY TOUR PACKAGE* • $3002022-12-18
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown8659Mr. LubeGIFT CARD-$2502022-12-18
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown2301Shell CanadaGIFT CARD-$100 2022-12-19
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown8640Intrigue WinesWINE TASTING PKG-$702022-12-19
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown3241Crowe MacKay/Rustic ReelGIFT CARD -$1502022-12-20
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown2367Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-05
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown8677Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-08
Donated by Brent Marshall*Unknown5834Save-On-FoodsGIFT CARD-$1,0002022-12-01
DupasDave2150Sunset Ranch Golf & Country ClubGOLF PACKAGE*-$4362022-12-21
EatonDee2154Mission Massage TherapyMASSAGE*-$1202022-12-04
EberleGlenRT-A-0237BC Tree Fruits CideryGIFT PACKAGE-$60 EACH2022-12-02
EllekeeGina9300Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-03
EllenbrechtMike7854Grower's SupplyCONSULT & GIFT CARD*-$5002022-12-22
EnevoldsonDelia9380Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-04
FaanpNate5091Okanagan Club - The BearGOLF PACKAGE & LUNCH*-$7402022-12-16
FeenyBob3353Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-15
FisherCassandra5432Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-07
FroomKim4549Jealous FruitsGIFT CARD-$502022-12-06
GibbonsRichard3736Intrigue WinesWINE TASTING PKG-$702022-12-19
GoldfinchDella7443The Harvest Golf CourseGOLF PACKAGE*-$6602022-12-08
Goliath SnubbingReid Radchenko7685Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-15
Goliath SnubbingReid Radchenko7675Brent Marshall Commercial Real EstateLUXURY SUPERCAR DAY FOR 2*-$10,000 enjoy 2 Supercars with Drivers for a Day of Wine Tasting OR Join a Private Supercar Track Day at Area 27 with Professional Instruction and Car Provided2022-12-23
GrierTaylor8570Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-03
GriffinLinda7402BC Tree Fruits CideryGIFT PACKAGE-$60 EACH2022-12-02
HammerSpencer3928Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
HareRachel2459Timber Ridge (at Big White)3 NIGHT STAY*-$1,2002022-12-20
HartKaren7344Crowe MacKay/Train Station and Midtown Station Kitchen + DrinkGIFT CARD -$1502022-12-07
HarveyLinnell2191Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-09
HeerSusan7392Kelowna FalconsMULTI GAME TIX PKG.* • $1502022-12-19
HolmesMarlo3586Stonewall CollectionsGIFT CARD - $752022-12-07
HolteRachel5534BottMan PickleballGIFT PACKAGE*-$3502022-12-13
HorningWayne5591Lakehouse Home StoreGIFT CARD-$1002022-12-11
IrvineFiona5167Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-01
Irving*Brett5654Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-17
IshkanianStacey9714Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
JarmanDianna5526Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.GIFT CARD - $1002022-12-15
JeromeSpencer4331Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-17
JohnstoneDiane5410The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - (Kelowna)GIFT CARDS - $1002022-12-22
JonesAnnette5898Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-21
KachanoskiSue9272Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-02
KearneyMakayla8961Prospera Credit UnionTERM DEPSOSIT*-$1,0002022-12-17
KeightleyBrennan2625Exit KelownaGIFT CARDS*-$1202022-12-06
KeleherDebbie8936Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-16
KirkbrideRick9558Playgolfkelowna.comGOLF PACKAGE*-$3852022-12-21
KirwinSusan8730Paynter's Fruit MarketGIFT CARDS-$1002022-12-06
KloppersKevin5997Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-01
KocilSteve7410Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-17
KohlmanHugh6768Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-17
KoutsoukisStephanie2204Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
KozakDonna7196Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-15
KozinaDorothy8425City Chic Spray TanningSPRAY TAN-$1002022-12-04
KozinaDorothy8455Crowe MacKay/Train Station and Midtown PubGIFT CARD -$1002022-12-07
KozinaDorothy8426Okanagan SymphonySYMPHONY TICKETS*-$1302022-12-08
KozinaMaggie8420MotherLove Ferments Inc.TASTING EXPERIENCE*-$1502022-12-14
KrugCorinne2204Aesthetiks Art Lab1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP*-$1202022-12-13
KwasnekMike2243Hydrofly KelownaFLYBOARDING PACKAGE*-3902022-12-12
LaingAimee4770Save-On-FoodsGIFT CARD-$1,0002022-12-07
LakerCameron4239Shell CanadaGIFT CARD-$100 2022-12-19
LalondeV9813Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-15
LansingTamaraRT-A-0254City Chic Spray TanningSPRAY TAN-$1002022-12-04
Lesser*Tyler3213Wicked Wine ToursLUX WINE TOUR 4*-$1,0002022-12-02
LetkemanJenna3025Rocky Mtn Chocolate$100 GC FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
LindquistCasey5077Holy Doodle Sailing ChartersPRIVATE SAILING*-$5002022-12-15
LingLiz8567Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-10
LovegroveKaren4158Intrigue WinesWINE TASTING PKG-$702022-12-19
LwowskiJef3057Lunches For A Month (M-F)BLX BOX | FUEL GOOD FOOD GIFT CARD - $2942022-12-18
MaassWolf8055Fresh Air ROSSIGNOL SKIS PKG* • $1,0082022-12-05
Mackenzie BrownSheila6834Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-01
MacklinJodi2709Scotch Malt Whisky Society of CanadaSCOTCH TASTING FOR 20*-$1,5002022-12-22
MaillouxRollanda3087Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.GIFT PKG -$1002022-12-15
MakiMac2648Revelstoke Mountain Resort - The Sutton Place HotelSKI & STAY*-$5002022-12-18
MamchurLinda7903Torino Ritz Men's ClothingGIFT CARD-$5002022-12-13
ManerikarShay7635Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
MarleauMercedesRT-A-0445BC Tree Fruit CideryCidery Package2022-12-02
Master GlassNathan9956Rocky Mtn Chocolate$100 GC FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
MatchettNorm3267Crowe MacKay/Rustic ReelGIFT CARD -$1002022-12-20
MayoBarb9423Galaxie Powder CoatingGIFT CARD-$150 EACH2022-12-16
McCormickCarina9021Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-10
McDonald*Kandice6523Downtown Kelowna MarinaGIFT CARD-$2502022-12-08
McEwanLanna & Bryce4001Save-On-FoodsGIFT CARD-$5002022-12-16
Messerschmdt*Steve2342Lakehouse Home StoreGIFT CARD-$1002022-12-11
Messerschmdt*Steve9524COBS BreadBREAD FOR A YEAR*-$2502022-12-13
Messerschmdt*Steve3993Smile Cycle ToursPRIVATE TOUR FOR 15*-$5772022-12-14
Messerschmidt*Sergej2335Mission Massage TherapyMASSAGE*-$1202022-12-04
Messerschmidt*Sergej6937Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT BASKET-$250 2022-12-05
Messerschmidt*Sergej6916Central Kitchen + BarCHEF'S TABLE FOR 4 • $3002022-12-06
Messerschmidt*Sergej2865Crowe MacKay/Kelowna Beer InstituteGIFT CARD -$1002022-12-17
Messerschmidt*Sergej6493Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-12
Michaud*Raquel6272Kelly O'Bryan's (Kelowna)GIFT CARD-$100 EACH2022-12-02
MillsGae8517Peak CellarsTASTING EXPERIENCE*-$1402022-12-20
MinorMike9632Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-10
MoenChad8163Browns SocialhouseGIFT CARD-$1502022-12-10
MorabitoJaden & Raine3662Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-09
MorozPearl2940Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-15
MurawkaMonika9072Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
MurrayIan7228Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-11
NaultSubhadra2928Mission Massage TherapyMASSAGE*-$1202022-12-04
NielsenLucas3260Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-19
O'BrienMatt9777WestJetOne roundtrip flight for two guests to any regularly scheduled and marketed WestJet destination.* 2022-12-24
O'ConnorLorna5185Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-09
OliverJennay4284Anytime Fitness (West Kelowna)12 MTH MEMBERSHIP*-$1,1972022-12-15
OlsenMarc3262Exit KelownaGIFT CARDS*-$1202022-12-06
OnishenkoNicole9173Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-06
OnyettTaylor5136Passionate BloomsGIFT CERTIFICATE*-$502022-12-21
OrrChanel2457Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-03
OsborneBrendan8758Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-22
OttoCherylRT-A-444Shell CanadaGIFT CARD-$1502022-12-19
PattisonDave4934Rocky Mtn Chocolate$100 GC FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
PaulDaniel4303Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-03
PeleshytyteLeanna3349Kelowna ToyotaOIL CHANGE & DETAIL*-$5002022-12-21
PerrinTerri6812Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-10
Poirier*Hiapo6320Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT BASKET-$250 2022-12-05
Preston*Megan6325Downtown Kelowna MarinaRENTAL*-$1,3502022-12-08
QuigleyLyle3010COBS BreadBREAD FOR A YEAR*-$2502022-12-13
RayeSusanne5933Montana's BBQ & BarGIFT CARDS-$100 2022-12-01
RicciutiSusan8556Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-17
RichardsonNoelle3253Torino Ritz Men's ClothingGIFT CARD-$5002022-12-05
Ricketts*Sarina6373Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-13
RiddellJudy8513Galaxie Powder CoatingGIFT CARD-$150 EACH2022-12-16
RogersKieran4316Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-03
RussoLuigi8501Olivia's Oils & VinegarGIFT CARDS-$1502022-12-03
SebastianTaylor8114Turner VolkswagenOIL CHANGE & DETAIL*-$5002022-12-04
SengerVal7245Players Choice SportsGIFT CARD PACKAGE*-$652022-12-16
ShinKelly3568Passionate BloomsGIFT CERTIFICATE*-$502022-12-21
SiekerDorothy8514Paynter's Fruit MarketGIFT CARDS-$1002022-12-06
SitarJason4370Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club - The PinnacleGOLF PACKAGE FOR 4 & LUNCH • $3002022-12-19
SlatteryMike2559Paynter's Fruit MarketGIFT CARDS-$1002022-12-06
SorsbyKasey2746Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-10
StaceyKennedy7488McCurdy Bowling CentreGIFT CARD-$2002022-12-11
StanleyMichelle9063Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-10
StepskiAdrian3330Sharon Sebo Dance PUNCH CARDS • $150 EACH Card Includes 10 Tango/Dance Sessions2022-12-17
Sternbie Ascel5603Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.GIFT PKG -$1002022-12-15
Stettner*Jordan8784Mr. LubeGIFT CARD-$2502022-12-18
StevensGillion7314Lakehouse Home StoreGIFT CARD-$1002022-12-11
StobertAndy7239Jealous FruitsGIFT CARD-$502022-12-06
SwansonLinda9960Okanagan SymphonySYMPHONY TICKETS*-$1302022-12-08
Ter HorstNancy8994BC Tree Fruits CideryGIFT PACKAGE-$60 EACH2022-12-02
ThomasKelly4699Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
TuttyJenelle8153Diamond H TackGIFT CARD-$1002022-12-09
VandermeerMelodee5456Smile Cycle ToursPRIVATE TOUR FOR 15*-$5772022-12-14
WarrenRena4059Kelly O'Bryan's (Kelowna)GIFT CARD-$100 EACH2022-12-02
WarrenMatt8989Okanagan SymphonySYMPHONY TICKETS*-$1302022-12-08
WebbLaura2030Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-23
WelshConor7015Myra Canyon Bicycle Rentals4 BIKES RENTALS*-$1762022-12-03
WelshStanley4796Dale Dirks Original Art Original Art - $1002022-12-15
WolfeNicole8609Paynter's Fruit MarketGIFT CARDS-$1002022-12-06
YanchukJanet8527Torino Ritz Men's ClothingGIFT CARD-$5002022-12-19
YeagerIone4100Rocky Mtn Chocolate$50 GIFT CARD FOR CARMEL APPLES*2022-12-09
YoungDenielle3174Save-On-FoodsGIFT CARD-$5002022-12-10
Unknown2030Dale Dirks Original ArtOriginal Art - $1002022-12-23
Unknown2150Sunset Ranch Golf & Country ClubGOLF PACKAGE*-$4362022-12-21
Unknown2204Aesthetiks Art Lab1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP*-$120 2204 Unknown2022-12-13
Unknown2243Hydrofly KelownaFLYBOARDING PACKAGE*-3902022-12-12
Unknown2367Dale Dirks Original ArtOriginal Art - $1002022-12-05
Unknown2928Mission Massage TherapyMASSAGE*-$1202022-12-04
Unknown3632Dale Dirks Original ArtOriginal Art - $1002022-12-20
Unknown3935Okanagan Sun Football4 SEASON TICKETS • $3002022-12-12
Unknown4021COBS BreadBREAD FOR A YEAR*-$2502022-12-13
Unknown4284Anytime Fitness (West Kelowna)12 MTH MEMBERSHIP*-$1,1972022-12-15
Unknown4331Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-17
Unknown4796Dale Dirks Original ArtOriginal Art - $1002022-12-15
Unknown4811The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - (Kelowna)GIFT CARDS - $1252022-12-22
Unknown5432Dale Dirks Original ArtOriginal Art - $1002022-12-07
Unknown5898Dale Dirks Original ArtOriginal Art - $1002022-12-21
Unknown6523Downtown Kelowna MarinaGIFT CARD-$2502022-12-08
Unknown7245Players Choice SportsGIFT CARD PACKAGE*-$652022-12-16
Unknown7410Creekside DentalTEETH WHITENING GC*-$3002022-12-17
Unknown8114Turner VolkswagenOIL CHANGE & DETAIL*-$5002022-12-04
Unknown8163Browns SocialhouseGIFT CARD-$1502022-12-10
Unknown8640Intrigue WinesWINE TASTING PKG-$702022-12-19
*On November 26, 2022, Brent Marshall, a commercial Realtor and broker at Business Finders Canada purchased all remaining calendars for the Season of Giving Prize Calendars. He then donated the

Calendars to Momas for Momas. All prizes * were part of this generous gift to the community.

If you have a winning prize that is "unknown" please email [email protected] to collect your prize.

2021 WestJet Gift of Flight Prize Winner